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The Sleepy Collection is a Swedish brand offering nightwear in soft organic pima cotton for both women and children. A need for organic alternatives and a classic design, was the inspiration for our very first children collection in 2012. A year later, and more than 100 sessions of pilot-sleeping, our women collection was launched.


Our ambition is to give you a soft and cozy look that is inspired by timeless design, where colours and styles can be combined just the way you want. We encourage a conscious consumption, and our fit and form is thoughtfully designed for your children to grown in. Our tops and pants are sold separately to make it easy for you to complete or update your look as you wish.


All of our products are woven in 100% organic pima cotton that is certified according to GOTS standard, providing a complete transparency of the production process and guaranteeing an ethically made product, for both people and the planet. With its long fibre, the pima cotton is considered to be one of the best cotton available. It feels thin and cool against the skin and is known for keeping a fantastic shine, even after repeated washing.  


Being an ethical brand doesn’t only mean using an organic cotton, and we keep on striving for a sustainable development for our company and our planet. At the moment we are looking into alternatives for transportation and plastic use. We also strive to spread consciousness regarding sustainability in fashion and in consumption in general.


With The Sleepy Collection we hope to offer you the only outfit you long to put on when you come home, and which makes you both look good and feel good. And for your children, we hope to create the one piece of clothing that they will accept wearing during their (hopefully!) many hours of a quality sleep. 


Cause that’s what they deserve. And if they sleep well, you will too. 



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Want to become a wholesaler? At the moment we are looking for wholesalers of our women’s collection. Interested? Send us an email at [email protected]

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